Part of Serbian Youth in Switzerland

Although someone may think that fun and learning do not go together, we acknowledged that it is not true. Switzerland changed us and our views on the world around us, despite the fact that we are quite stubborn young people…

23 of us, together with 3 professors, headed for Switzerland on 4/20/2007. Our final destination was Children Village Pestalozzi in Trogen. While we were attending multicultural workshops ‘Putokaz’, we learned much about tolerance and anti-racism, and the aim of this journey was to put into practice and to widen our knowledge.

Dnevni boravak
Multiplikacija - živeti tolerantno


When we finally got off the bus, after a long and tiring bus ride, we saw a beautiful place full of wooden houses on hills. Our home was a two-store house with stone porch, swings and a slide. The rooms had 2, 3 or 4 beds, they were comfortable and well-lighted. Everybody had a different duty, because we wanted the house to be clean.

Every day, between 9 and 12 h, as well as between 14 and 17h, we attended workshops in which we had the opportunity to say our ideas and standpoints, as well as to be productive and creative. Student exchange workshops left the biggest impression on us. We spent the whole day with peers from Romania, and worked on expansion of our views through a conversation about our wishes and how we are going to accomplish them. We presented Serbia to Romanian students through a number of presentations. Afterwards, we had a few workshops where we learned about their culture. Thanks to this exchange, we did not only meet other cultures and people, but we made important contacts, and in a way came closer to being adults.

We were busy in workshops without other nations, too. We discussed problems in Serbia and in the world, and sought solutions. We realized that the world is left to us, and it depends on us what the world we will be living in will be like. We recognized the mistake we make in attitude to others, and life in general, and since now we will work on correcting them. Radio show ‘Power up’ also left a great impression on us. It was broadcasted on the internet, and it is definitely a great success for us, since the people all across the world heard our voice. There were many, many more workshops, but it would take long to list them all.

We had several excursions across the Switzerland, and we learned about its architecture, natural beauties, and the mentality of the people. We visited St. Gallen couple of times, also Luzern, Zurich, as well as Rhina Falls and the Boden Lake.

We did stuff like making the slides for small balls, than sport competitions, where we had the opportunity to try working in a team (although it was definitely not for the first time), we made candles, and it was all great fun. The most interesting thing was making torches, and walking through the village in night with them.

24 of April, we came back to Serbia with the will to change the world.

This journey changed us and our views to life. We made lots of friends, learned how to overcome differences, prejudice and conflicts, and to achieve productive communication. We realized how much we actually do not know, and how much we have to learn. That is why we hope that we will have the opportunity to visit the Village again, to improve ourselves in the similar way, and to teach others our knowledge. We are young people who will do their best to make a better, more tolerant, and more liberal world.

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