On the territory of Zrenjanin 134 people are registered as persons with developmental difficulties. For them, there is no adequate institution in the town. For more than ten years development of these children has been stimulated by experts in Special Elementary and Secondary school 9th May, with special contemporary methods, but in inadequate work environment.

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Experts and parents of these children have equally languished Daycare in a house with a big yard, garden and tamed animals.

Since September 2003 experts have been working with children in Children’s Creative Center Mastaliste. Their goals in the Center, together with the children with special needs, are finding other groups of children with different special needs, as well as the children who do not find difficulties in their life roads.

"Placing these children in the environment such as the Special School 9th May is really sad. The difference between the school and Mastaliste is not something that needs to be talked about, their smiles say it all, their spirits, dancing with the music. Success of one people and its culture is measured by its attitude towards the disabled persons. Children who live their lives in Mastaliste now, live it the way they feel it, and they feel it really well. They know to be merry, to laugh, but they also know to cry. They can recite and when they come home, they talk with their brothers, sisters and parents, and that is a novelty for us. They can do much more, they offer more, and they live their lives normally…"

(Slobodan Milicev, principal of the Special School 9th May)

Filip, Jovana, Igor, Željko, Ceca, Boba, Miša, Milka, Igor, Branka... very fast, they all have, owing to different methods of working, expressed bigger independence, ruled their selfservice, they have been learning to get through regular life situations, to communicate better, to take care about each other, and to be happy for tomorrow…

"Igor is nineteen, and we have accomplished so much after coming to Mastaliste, their happiness cannot be described, and their and our happiness is mutual."

(Mother Manda)

"Ceca is eighteen. Until now they have all been sitting in school desks, but now they are cooking, going to the store, market, they have a chance to show their creativity. Children are too satisfied."

(Mother Ivanka)

"My Igor is twelve. We used to come to Mastaliste when it was only a Playroom. Now we also have Daycare, and my deepest emotional experience was when they played rhythmical dance for us, because I hadn’t known before that that my child can feel the rhythm that way, nor that he would show it to others. I started crying while they were showing the dance."

(Mother Ružica)

"Branka is sixteen. For three years she went to Daycare at school, and there she has accomplished a lot, but I can’t even describe how lot she has achieved here."

(Mama Snežana)

In school 9th May twenty more children belonging to this category are are dreaming of their own Mastaliste. The number of children with these problems in the municipality is much bigger, however, they are not under any organized treatment.

"In only several months of different work, an enormous progress in socialization, and positive emotions was noticed this children. Everyday activities have been carefully chosen in the aim of stimulating development of other children’s capabilities, and they are good grounding for their independent life in family, as much as it is possible. If this wasn’t permanent solution, it would been putting children back to the classroom, and we would see consequences very quickly – restlessness, displeasure, aggression, great emotive suffering, regression in general."

(Gordana Radaković – Srbulović, diplomirani defektolog)

"I was personally unhappy many times, I have to say that, for example when we get electricity bill, but we don’t have money to pay, and the children have to have a warm room. I really asked myself a lot of times why I am doing all this, but then, when I come to Mastaliste, and Igor says: MY CICA!, or when I see Ceca laughing, then I know why I am doing it. Primary function of Masraliste is to enable normalization of lives of the children, and their families, to unwind tolerance towards different, to help jeopardized children groups develop. Our enthusiasm exists, mood of the parents exists, and the results are obvious. I am sure that even those whose help we cannot life without will understand this."

(Milica Velimirović, psychologist, coordinator of Mastaliste)

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