“Škola sve više postaje mučilište, a kuća tučilište.
Umesto da je škola maštalište , a kuća praštalište”
(Božidar Mandić)

U Zrenjaninu postoji Stvaralački centar za decu i mlade “Maštalište“.

Dnevni boravak
Multiplikacija - živeti tolerantno









Children’s Creative Centre Mastaliste was founded with the help of Save the Children Fund and ECHO. Center is intended for all children, from the earliest childhood until the end of high school. Everyone can find their interest in Mastaliste. Today, the Center has over 2500 enrolled children and young people.

The main mission of the Centre is manifested in sentence ‘equal rights for everybody’, which is in agreement with the standpoint that all children, no matter which social, ethnic, religious or any other group they belong to, have equal rights to have an inspired childhood. This is why today in our center we have children with different capabilities, social backgrounds and mother languages.


Mašalište had the great honor to present its work to the conference on the mental health of children in Washington DC on October 2, 2014. We were invited by the National Endowment for Democracy and the International Republican Institute to present our work and we were only representatives from Europe. There were only 5 other countries invited from all of the world. Representative of Maštalište, Srdjana Milosavljevic was staying in Washington DC from September 29th to 3 October 3th together with representatives from Guatemala, Venezuela, Malawi, Indonesia and South Sudan. We had a chance to meet worthy and important people who stand up for tolerance, human rights and the implementation of direct inclusion. So we had the opportunity to get acquainted with economic, political, and social situation in the countries of Middle East and African countries, through documentaries and talking directly to the people who worked on these films. Also, we met different cultures, given that all the participants of the congress stayed in the same hotel and went together to a meal together and spend their free time for a walk around town and enjoy. From the meetings, we would like to point out the meeting at IRI as a great experience to find out about different activities conducted around the world to support human rights and the meeting with Maina Kiai, UN official. All these meetings and wonderful people we met gave us strength to continue our work in direct inclusion and fight for qual rights for all. After the trip, our representative was invited by the National Endowment for Democracy, and their youth organization World Youth Movement for Democracy to participate in the global debate on the topic "Should the age of candidacy be the same as the voting age", which was attended by representatives from around the world, from all continents, of different religious orientation and ethnic origin (announcement of debate http://democratic-youth.net/world-youth-movement-for-democracy/ new-date-time-should-the-age-of-candidacy-be-the-same-as-the-voting-age-online-global-debate-Nov-7th-12-pm-est /). We are happy that the team in witch was our representative won, after the vote conducted in organizations and online (the results of voting and recording of debate http://democratic-youth.net/world-youth-movement-for-democracy/results -area-in-and-the-people-voted-the-affirmative-team-as-the-debate-winners-check-out-the-online-video-debate-here-and-see-for-yourself /)

Maštalište and NGO New Optimism have promoted National Strategy for Youth

Children’s Creative Centre Mastaliste and NGO New Optimism have promoted, under sponsorship of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Strategy for Youth in shape of two caravans with names ‘Imagine life…’ and ‘Cut the story short’, which visited 25 towns in Serbia, amongst them Nis, Pancevo, Leskovac, Pirot, Kruševac, Zaječar, Indjija, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Beograd, Subotica, Loznica, Kragujevac, Novi Pazar, Negotin, Valjevo... >>>

We’re visiting Trogen again!

Group of high school students, taking part in project ‘Multiplication – live tolerantly’, will have a chance to live in children’s village in Trogen in Switzerland. This is a project which Mastaliste is conducting together with the municipality of Zrenjanin and Zrenjanin Grammar School, with the support of "Pestalozzi Children's Foundation" from Switzerland. The students are going there together with their peers from Vrbas, Backa Palanka and Subotica.

Two week stay in children’s village represents extraordinary and significant life experience, because young people are capable to live and work with peers from all over Europe and to test ideas of multiculturality, non violence and tolerance.

MAŠTALIŠTE u inicijativi za zakonsku zabranu telesnog kažnjavanja dece!!!

Kampanja za zakonsku zabranu telesnog kažnjavanja dece


Za detinjstvo bez kazne – za život bez nasilja >>>

Part of Serbian Youth in Switzerland

Although someone may think that fun and learning do not go together, we acknowledged that it is not true. Switzerland changed us and our views on the world around us, despite the fact that we are quite stubborn young people… >>>

For the youngest, Library of Toys has been made, in which children can spend time together with their parents, with the professional help of pedagogue concerning selecting toys and games. All toys have been chosen mindfully, and their function is to initiate children’s creativity.

Workshops for all ages – from small children to young people – of different educational, creative and psychological contents. Contents of the workshops are subjected to interests of participants and possibilities of the Centre to fulfill them. The most popular are workshops of foreign languages, computer, music, art and communication workshops.


Centar za decu i  mlade “Maštalište”
Jug Bogdana broj 8
tel. 023/547 421, 063/ 51 77 60
e-mail: mastaliste@yahoo.com

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