’Multiplication – Live Tolerantly’ is a long term, network, educational project, which is conducted on the territory of Vojvodina, and its mission is to promote and improve the multicultural values in Vojvodina. Project is conducted with the support of and in cooperation with Pestalozzi Foundation from Switzerland and Charity Association “Panonija”, which is a partner, but also the project coordinator.

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Multiplikacija - živeti tolerantno








Organizations from 8 towns in Vojvodina are participating in this project actively and with partnership (‘Maštalište’ from Zrenjanin, ‘Festival of Ecological Theatre for Children’ from Bačka Palanka, ‘Friends of the Children Society’ from Bečej, ‘Paad’ from Novi Bečej, ‘Open perspectives’ from Subotica, ‘Ravangrad’ from Sombor, ‘Osmah’ from Vrbas, and ‘Friends of the Children’ from Inđija). Those are all local NGO-s, which are carriers of the project locally, and a secondary school, which is a partner and a program co-operator.

Main and initial aim of the project is learning to live tolerantly and together, and it is enforced through educational programs for democratic society. There is also a tendency to build a modern democratic society with an active participation of citizens, especially young ones.

In general, project issues out the training of children and youngsters, but also of teachers and professors, and a wider local community. Tutoring chiefly considers learning about human and children rights, about skills to solve problems in non-violent ways, and about a necessity to respect and accept what is different. By learning about different cultures, customs, religions and languages, ethnic and other distances will be reduced, and relationship between anything different will become more tolerant.

Main users of the project are students of secondary schools, between the age of 15 and 18. Their need to work on programs which drive and promote multicultural values and intercultural tolerance is easily noticed. Secondary users of the project are teachers, parents, and the wider community in general; therefore this project will be a sincere support to the strengthening of good international relationships in Vojvodina.

That is why the key words of the project are:

Planned activities will take place in a school, where young people can learn about ethnic and religious tolerance, as well as various forms of creativity. The project’s plan of action is consisted of a range of intercultural and creative workshops, numerous local actions, media and promotional activities, as well as the foundation of School Club.

Students of different ages, social status, and national and religious origins, will be able to participate in these activities, which will definitely contribute to the overcoming of the prejudices and distrust. Through mutual acquaintances, through cooperation in common duties about preparations and realisations of the program, through learning about differences in cultures, traditions, music, food and language, students will develop consciousness and need to reproach each other, through communication and trust. For the realisation of this project the school plays an important part, since it has lots of space and equipment, as well as qualified educators who are ready to work with children.

The idea of the project has been supported from the very beginning by the Department of Education and Culture of Vojvodina, as well as the regional ombudsperson.

In the first stage, it was planned for the project to last three years, during 2006, 2007 and 2008, and for the number of the activists and the activities to multiply and increase. Even though every local partner organisation conducts special activities in their hometowns, all actions of the project are planned together and are revised with constant cooperation and consultations, with the project and foundation coordinator. In that way, every local partner is a part of a big, equal and open network, which corresponds with the needs of the community, and gives out a clear message: Let us live without prejudice, hatred, and violence! Let us live tolerantly!

The project intensifies the work with adolescents in Dreamland. Press workshops (in cooperation with journalism school Press RADIOnica) have been organised for them, as well as communication workshops and Open Club activities. Simultaneously, workshops about interculturality and multiculturality take place in Zrenjanin Grammar School once a week.

The main idea which leads us in this work is the awareness raising of the importance of the interculturality, as well as public intercession for tolerant way of living in multiethnic society. Young participants of the project promote these aims through various local actions. Representatives of the Zrenjanin Local Assembly supported this way of connecting NGOs and schools, and promised their help in further actions and activities.

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