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Multiplikacija - živeti tolerantno


Intercultural workshops ‘Putokaz’

From February 2006, in Zrenjanin Highschool, every week there are workshops about interculturality. A group of 50 students of different nationalities and religious beliefs meets each other through these workshops, the subjects of which are personal identity, culture, meeting different cultures, stereotypes and prejudice, non violent communication, tolerance etc.

Tsunami of culture and tolerance

In june 2006 stundents of Zrenjanin high schools participated in workshops of peer education names Saturday of Interculturality, and which took place in Mastaliste. During the day, it has been talked about tolerance, national and other differences, and all that by using different communication methods and techniques. This was also preparation for the camp which was to be held later that month in Belo Blato.


Zig-Zag Island, English learning workshops for children

Aim: to help children aged 5-7 get know English language, by playing, singing and drawing, in a way interesting to them.

Content: Workshops follow adventures of Katy and Tom who are on a trip on a magical Zig-Zag Island. Children learn names of the animals, fruit, vegetables, colors, numbers, family members etc.


Workshops for high school students „How I See My Town“

Aim: to bring up the level of moral of the people aged 15-18, about the importance of the place of living, and to inspire their creativity and to encourage them to actively participate in their community.

Workshops for high school students Learning to Communicate

Aim: to facilitate verbal as well as non verbal communication of young people aged 15-18, and to upgrade their rhetoric capabilities.

Content: exercises for thinking, active listening, remembering, body language, interpretation, improvisation, mini discussions and debates.


Origami workshop for everybody Crane

First cycle of workshops had 20 joyful children aged 7-12, and it lasted 2 months. Time passed and the number of participants changed, 6-year-old being the youngest, and the oldest participant had 45 years. Irrespective of the age, everybody was satisfied.

Workshop for high school students Original of Forgery

Multimedia art workshop for its core takes contemporary art streams which participants familiarize with. Participants themselves choose the subject, as well as the program and the technique with which they will present it (classic photograph, drawing, comic, animation, performance, or film making). The aim of the workshop is to encourage young people to be informed and interested in contemporary art as well as to discover and express their own creativity.

Ecology-Biology Workshop

Aim: children of age 10-13 get to know micro word, and explore the beauties of invisible world which surrounds us. The product is a guide for using the waste and preserving ecologically significant unities and places, which was names Cleaner, Smarter, Cheaper!

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